Testimonials: Why Clients Keep Coming Back!

Over The Rainbow Counseling
Cynthia "Denise" Porter, LPC-S
Trauma Counseling, Depression Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Sports Counseling
Serving: McAllen, TX - Edinburg, TX - Mission, TX - Pharr, TX


"I look forward to continuing my journey with Denise and EMDR"

"I have had my fair share of traditional therapy, but it wasn’t until I started doing EMDR with Denies Porter that I felt a major breakthrough had occurred. It is a novel approach to eliminating the connection between adverse events in your life and feeling like they continue to hold power over you long after they have occurred. I had been struggling with issues from the past that were so emotion-laden I couldn’t get beyond feeling trapped and helpless to move on. A couple of EMDR sessions allowed me to decouple the emotion from knowledge of the event. Denise has a really comfortable style that allows the process to unfold without a lot of talk (psychobabble) from her. She allows you to do the work and acts as a guide to help you over the humps. I cannot say EMDR results in an instant cure for one’s psychological trauma. But I have been amazed at how quickly an emotional resolution really does happen in just a few sessions. I look forward to continuing my journey with Denise and EMDR." -- P.D.P.

"I feel like she gave me a second chance at life!"

"I met Denise 2 years ago at a time when I felt like giving up. I can honestly say that she saved my life. She helped me when nobody else could. She helped me to overcome traumatic events and severe depression I had for 25 years. After her treatment I no longer needed medication to cope. I feel like she gave me a second chance at life and I am finally enjoying being alive. She really cares about helping people. She is the best therapist I have ever known and the best in her field." -- M.J.V.

"My sessions with her have been life-altering!"

"Denise is a powerhouse of knowledge, expertise, and compassion, which is all very evident in the way she helps change the lives of her clients! She provides this in such a comfortable atmosphere, in a very nonjudgmental way, and approach. My sessions with her Have been life altering! She has worked alongside me guiding me towards healing my past wounds, anxiety/depression, loving myself again, and to free myself of my self-limiting beliefs. Her patience, personal understanding, and simple explanation of things have made this process so much easier. Now I not only KNOW my worth and value but BELIEVE it! These sessions had left me feeling "unstuck" and more empowered and excited to reaching and achieving my future goals! Finding her has been an absolute blessing!" -- G.F.

"Denise's counseling enabled me to regain my self-esteem!"

"Denise's counseling enabled me to continue working and regain my self-esteem! The advanced therapy techniques reduced my depression and anxiety, swept away suicidal thoughts and allowed me to sleep without drugs." -- T.G.

"I Now Have Hope...Her Methods Work!"

I have been seeing Denise for about three months now. When I started I was unstable dealing with bipolar depression. Within just a couple of weeks there was a significant change. I am now doing things I haven't been able to do for years. I now have hope that I can and will be living the life I always wanted to. Her methods work! -- S.G.

"I Would Recommend Denise to Anyone!"

Denise Porter has asked me questions that no other therapist has done or asked. She is very professional and gets down to earth in her demeanor. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help. -- P.B.

"Denise Made Me Feel So At Ease!"

When I went to Denise for the first time, she made me feel so at ease even though inside I was being consumed with this darkness in my life. Denise was able to bring out a lot of what I had suppressed in my life as a child. I have made such progress since my first therapy session with Denise and the break-through she made with me has been a gift of empowerment. I still have a journey of more break-throughs in my life and with Denise's help I know one day I will be freed of the darkness and the sadness I have had for a long time. Thank you Denise -- you are my light of hope! -- M.T.

"I Always Have A Great Outlook When I Leave A Session"

I met Denise when I decided to look for outside help regarding some issues that I had been dealing with since adolescence. She’s open-minded, easy to talk to, and you can tell that she genuinely cares about your progress and personal growth. In just a few months of seeing Denise I have made huge progress in coping with my Body Dysmorphia and general outlook on life, love, and relationships. She works with a variety of therapeutic techniques and really strives to find those that work best for your needs and goals. I look forward to my sessions and always have a great outlook when I leave one. -- L.F.

"Denise Possesses A Natural Ability To Comfort Her Clients."

Denise possesses a natural ability to comfort her patients and a pronounced passion for her field. Through her, I have learned every day techniques to manage my stress, improve my close relationships, and enhance my well-being. Every session I learn something new that I am excited to put into practice at home. Thank you Denise for helping me become a better father and a happier person. -- L.S.

"She said, 'We Can Sit Here and Talk About How Bad It Is, or We Can Do Something About It!"

During my undergrad, it was encouraged to take therapy before pursuing a graduate degree in counseling. It was something I had considered after the death one of my dearest friends, but was ashamed to admit it. The aftermath of his loss led to several years of battling with anxiety and depression, which lead to fears of things I once loved. I used my undergrad advice as an excuse to gain help. When I first met Denise, she let me vent until I was all out of tears, but what allowed me to accept change my first day was her saying "We can sit here every session and talk about how hurt you are, or we can do something about it." From that point on I realized she was right, and after six sessions I was back to my old self. A year and a half has past, I'm now in my second semester of my Masters in Counseling program and have decided to see Denise again. It's great to go back and be able to feel so welcomed by her, makes me feel comfortable to accept challenges head on with her by my side. Thank you Denise. -- K.C.

"With Denise, You'll Feel Like Your Talking to a Good Friend in a Comfortable Surrounding" 

I went to see Denise Porter for therapy about some issues I felt I could no longer attempt to handle on my own. I found Mrs. Porter to be kind, understanding, very professional and at the same time not condescending. She shows empathy while still being able to show you ways to face your issues without pressuring you into one way of thinking but instead gives you ways to come up with answers you eventually figure out yourself with Mrs. Porter assisting and keeping you on task. She also makes you feel comfortable in the surroundings your in almost like your own home while you discover things about yourself together. She is not about excuses to resolve issues, she helps you remove the excuses to get to resolutions and solutions at your own pace. While choosing a therapist is a very personal choice I feel most would be very comfortable opening up to Mrs. Porter based on her methods and bedside manner. She is a true professional with a very unique understanding of human nature. You'll feel like your talking to a good friend in a comfortable surrounding. - E.S.

"Denise Takes Her Time to Figure Out What is the Best Tactic For You."

Denise Porter has been such a blessing. She has helped me overcome some of my worst memories. She knows what she is doing and takes her time to figure out what would be the best tactic for you. Denise actually cares and I am very thankful that I found her. -- L.S.

"I Experienced Relief Immediately...I've Overcome OCD, Depression, and Anxiety." 

When I started seeing Cynthia Denise Porter, I experienced relief immediately. She is able to identify and treat my symptoms using the many therapeutic techniques in her arsenal. I have since been able to overcome my OCD, depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. Without her guidance I may have had to work through my issues over longer course of time. I am indebted to her for all that she has done for me and continues to do. I would recommend her to anyone in need of assistance. -- J.M.

"She is a Wonderful and Caring Therapist!"

I would like to thank Denise Porter for helping me deal with my anxiety disorder. I have been able to overcome some challenging times in my life with her help and guidance. She is a wonderful and caring therapist who helps her patients. Thanks to her, I am living a much better life today. Thank you Denise Porter. -- R.M. 

"Denise Has Guided Me Through a Process of Recovery That I Can Only Explain as Miraculous!"

I came to Over The Rainbow Counseling experiencing a life debilitated by grief from the sudden loss of my wife and best friend of 16 years. Denise has guided me through a process of recovery that I can only explain as miraculous. In a few short sessions, I was able to move from a dark place full of pain and despair to actually recovering my life. Knowing I can now move forward with my life, enjoy my kids and grandkids is simply amazing. Finding Denise Porter at Over The Rainbow Counseling was simply priceless. -- D.W.

"I Can't Express My Gratitude...I Have Learned to Love Myself!"

I cannot express my gratitude for the difference you have made in my life.The sessions that I have had with Denise Porter helped me conquer the issues I have always faced. At times, I never understood why I would act or feel a certain way toward situations or people. I have not only learned to to let go of things that no longer serve me well, but most importantly, I have learned to love myself. Thank you! -- M.G. 

"Do I Recommend Therapy with Denise Porter? YES! Look No Further!"

My son was in 7th grade when I sought counseling for him with Denise Porter. He was having a difficult time dealing with some bullies at his school. During that time, he became very combative, he would pinch himself until he bled and just completely shut down on me. His behavior and actions led me to home school him for that school year. This situation affected the entire family. It was a complete nightmare! It was then that I turned to Denise Porter for help. In the beginning, I was kind of doubting that therapy would make my son be his normal self again. But with just a couple of sessions that he attended, my doubts came to an end. He was once again that loving, caring, and outdoor person that I so much loved and missed. Do I recommend therapy with Denise Porter? My answer continues being a strong, YES!!! Look no further!!! Denise Porter is definitely gifted in helping people deal with their problems. Thanks to her outstanding job, my son returned back to a public school and graduated last year. He is currently a student at Texas State Technical College and is pursuing a career as a Welder. -- E.T.

"Denise Will Go The Extra Mile to Make A Positive Change In Your Life!" 

I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia for the past twenty-one years and until now I have never experienced a drastic positive change in my life. Thanks to Denise Porter I have been able to feel more real and optimistic. This year I stayed out of the hospital because she helped me stay focused and out of trouble. Denise will go the extra mile to make a positive change in your life just like she did mine. -- S.P.

"My Life Has Changed For The Better In An Extreme Way!" 

Since I started getting counseling at Over The Rainbow, my life has changed for the better in an extreme way. Not only have I seen the changes, but my family has also noticed them. I am so happy I decided to get counseling with Denise Porter. Thank you for everything Over The Rainbow Counseling. -- Juan C.

"Cynthia "Denise" Porter Has Helped Me...Turn My Breakdowns Into Breakthroughs!"

I suffered from anxiety for many years; the counseling I have received from Cynthia "Denise" Porter has helped me live a healthier and more normal life. I have learned that feelings are not facts and that I’m far more powerful than any fear. Thank you Ms. Porter for helping me take control of my thoughts and for showing me to turn my breakdowns into breakthroughs. Your wisdom and warmth have forever altered me. -- Cristina O.

"Thank You, Not Only For Helping Me, But Caring About Me Getting Better!" 

I can never express in words my gratitude and thanks for helping me. You have done so much for me. My life is so good and I am content and mostly at peace. Thank you not only for helping me but caring about me getting better. -- Rick V. 

"Cynthia Denise Porter...is So Kind and Patient!"

I have been seeing Cynthia Denise Porter for the past six months and I feel great! She is so kind and patient. feel she really cares about me and wants to see me prosper. I am so much better and I am greatfull to have her as my therapist. -- Catherine O.

"12 Therapists Over 35 Years...I Was Still In Desperate Need...I Only Wish I Had Found Her Sooner!" 

I have been to over a dozen therapists over the past 35 years, and was still in desperate need of help for PTSD and depression. Cynthia Denise Porter's unique approach to therapy has really helped me in such a short time. I highly recommend her to everyone. I only wish I had found her sooner. -- Edy H. 

"I've Come Out From Under Trauma and Sadness!"

I have been given a chance to breathe as I come out from under trauma and sadness, through EMDR therapy at the skilled hand of Cynthia Denise Porter. My conviction is that God is using her as a means by which to bring me much needed healing and the freedom to be who he created me to be. -- Sharon R.

"I Feel Free...Your Therapy Really Works!"

I would like to thank you for helping me. I felt like if I was carrying a heavy backpack. That back pack is gone now along with a lot of ugly things inside. I feel free. Thank you again. Your therapy really works. -- Maria M.

"After Two Sessions I Was "Cured" Of My Anxiety!"

I have been suffering from anxiety attacks for almost a year now. It overwhelmed me to the extent that I needed to seek counseling. A friend of mine referred me to Cynthia "Denise" Porter. After two sessions I was 'cured' of my anxiety. I can now live a better life thanks to her counseling. -- Tony J.

"After 25 Years of Panic Attacks...I'm Back To My Old Self That No Longer Lives In Fear!"

At the age of 25 I had my first panic. My journey has been a long one of intense agony. Two years later, I had my first child. It aggravated my edginess to know or just think something could happen to my child. I went on and off meds for the next 6 years. I became pregnant again with my second child. During pregnancy for some reason I had no panics I also took no meds. My ob/gyn and general doctor told me I was stuck with panic for life, that there was no cure. They really believed mine were do to with a hormonal imbalance that I was born with. At the beginning of this year, I encountered a friend that had found a cure for her panic by taking therapy with sound, sight, and touch by using both sides of your brain and focusing on what distresses you. My friend lives in San Antonio and so does her therapist. I was unable to get help by going to San Antonio every Friday. I kept searching and I came across my guardian Angel, Ms. Denise Porter. Ms. Porter is the only one that practices this kind of therapy in the whole Valley. I begun her therapy around March 2013. I can not believe the change in me. Today I am that person I thought I would never be before turning 25 yrs old. Ms. Porter has awakened me from a 15 yr coma. I am back to me, my old self that no longer lives in fear. I was able to relieve my panic with no problem by September of 2013. I still see Ms. Porter due to such a long 15yr dormant self. At times it is hard to get my thoughts straight. My recuperation was rapid fast a miracle. My journey is unfinished due to the long years spent with panics and under sedation. The most wonderful news / wish is to live without panic, has come true! Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ for allowing me to cross path with Ms. Porter. -- A.J.R. 

I will be forever grateful for finding Ms. Denise!

I was having a very difficult time going through a breakup when I decided to start going to therapy with Ms Denise! She went above and beyond to help me gain self-confidence and to close the chapter in a healthy way. It is incredible not to feel angry or frustrated anymore about what it is already in the past! I would completely recommend Ms. Denise as your therapist, she changed my life!   -- Z.B.






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